Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Legal -  Change in ownership, estate, dissolution of marriage 

Accountants,  Allocation of purchase price, Cost Segregation Studies, Noncash charitable contribution   

Business  Owners, CFO, Private equity firms. interest in acquisitions. Exit plans 

Types of machinery Equipment Valued

Appraisers,  Real Estate and Business Valuations 

Tax -  IRS reporting, business combinations / acquisitions, sale. Property tax assessment, Gifting. Cost segregation studies.

Municipalities -  Towns, Cities and State property tax assessment 

automated process manufacturing lines, pharmaceutical, food process, plastic process, glass process, inspection/testing, laboratories, medical, veterinary, mainframe/server computers, telecommunications, heavy construction, mining, batch plants, steel mills, chemical/gas process, textiles, metal working, woodworking, supermarket, restaurant, printing, office equipment/furniture, laundry/dry cleaning, vehicle repair, car wash. 

Attorneys    Estates, Matrimonial, Gifting 

Insurance - policy limits, insured loss.

Bankers  Collateralized loans  

Utilities -  Power generation and distribution, water works, and telephone  


Lending -  Collateralized loans.  

Purpose of Valuation