Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Marcus Musing

IRS Non Cash Charitable Contributions​ - Appraisals of property to be donated to a charitable organization exceeding $5,000 in value will need to be performed by a qualified appraiser. IRS Form 8283 list some of the requirements to be considered a qualified appraiser. 

USPAP 2017 - Appraisers, individuals whose profession is to perform appraisals, holding a state license or accreditation from a nationally accepted organization (Appraisal Foundation) are required to attend continuing education courses including the biennially updated USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).

Marcus Group is a machinery and equipment appraisal company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. We have prepared technical business asset appraisals for 25 years. We are engaged by business owners/managers, bankers, accountants, attorneys, assessors, private equity firms and not-for-profits. We have appraised small businesses and enterprise operating assets worldwide including manufacturing process plant and equipment, fixtures/jigs, parts inventory and finished goods inventory. We provide appraisal services for tax, lending, estates and transaction-related purposes.

John Marcus, the principal of the firm holds a Machinery and Equipment senior appraiser designation from the world renowned and respected American Society of Appraisers (ASA).  ASA Machinery and Equipment accredited appraisers also participate in rigorous continuing education programs because we recognize that staying at the top of our field requires continual growth, knowledge and an understanding of our peers’ approach to an appraisal problem.

Based in Phoenix- Metro area, we are comfortable with traveling to remote areas of the southwest or the congested metro locations in Southern Cal and the northeast. However, we enjoy local small business appraisal assignments.


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