John Marcus, ASA - Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

Estate Tax

Transfer of property for IRS reporting is at Fair Market Value as of a specified date

Property Tax Assessment / Ad Valorem

Personal property versus real property assessments can be appealed. I have assisted taxing authorities and property owners in separate disputes. 

Inventory Value

Large inventory of finished goods, manufactured products, out sourced components, WIP, wholesale/retail materials, OEM, NOS parts

Cost Segregation

MACRS depreciation cost study for IRS reporting is to identify and differentiate (segregate) the property qualifying for accelerated depreciation as Section 1245 from the Section 1250 property and estimate the costs of the property into the appropriate federal tax life classifications. For an existing structure, the cost estimating method used in the analysis would be a Detailed Engineering Cost Estimate Approach. A field survey of the building components will be estimated by physical measurement and actual count. For a cross check, take-off quantities can be obtained from architectural as-built drawings designed by the building architect/engineers.

The scope of work for this type of an assignment varies based on the usage or building type of the subject property and the age of the improvements. Costs estimates for the building and site improvements will be developed utilizing R.S. Means Square Foot Costs guide as the primary source. Costs for specialized items will be verified with local suppliers and contractors. Replacement costs for the improvements are broken down by their sub-assemblies that can be separated into the appropriate asset classification.

Internal Revenue ACRS cost segregation studies are complex and requires several data input of information and documentation. A certified real estate appraisal and a registered land survey are sometimes required in the sales transaction will be integrated with the cost survey. Cost estimates have other uses. Such as; depreciated replacement costs on special purpose buildings to determine market value for insured policy limits and real property tax assessment.

Charitable Non Cash Contribution/ Gift

Non-cash donations exceeding $5,000 will need to be performed by a qualified appraiser.
IRS Form 8283 list some of the requirements to be considered a qualified appraiser. A qualified appraiser is someone who prepares appraisal reports on a regular basis and is qualified to prepare appraisals of the property being valued. To acknowledge the IRS 8283 form requirements and monetary penalties for over-stating the value, a signature by the appraiser is required on the form. The IRS recognizes qualified appraisers as the individuals with the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) designation in their title, of which I am an accredited member in good standing. For reporting to the IRS. IRS Form 8283 with the appraiser’s signature will be included with the narrative report.